Melissa Papantones for Probate Judge
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In the News – New Haven Register: “A new face in New Haven’s probate race after 32 years”
“People who are serviced by the Probate Court, they need help. They need someone who is competent, who is qualified,”[...]

Compassionate Help During Trying Times

Attorney Melissa Papantones brings over 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney and understands how vital it is to protect our most vulnerable people.  Melissa has successfully defended hundreds of clients in emotionally stressful litigation, many of whom were worried about losing their home or their life savings.  She assured and comforted them while working to provide the best possible legal representation for them.

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable

As Probate Judge, Melissa would show the same care and diligence to protect the rights of children, seniors, the mentally ill, and the intellectually disabled.  She recognizes that as Probate Judge, she must act fairly, responsibly, and compassionately when making life-altering decisions.

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As attorneys who practice law in New Haven, we have known Melissa Papantones professionally and personally for many years and proudly endorse her for Probate Court Judge. We have faced Melissa as opposing counsel on many cases and have been impressed by her grasp of complicated facts and legal issues. She has a fine legal mind and possesses the temperament suitable for the position of judge. On a personal level, we find Melissa to be ethical, humble and kind ~ a tireless volunteer at her church, her kids’ schools and in her community. We firmly believe New Haven will be well served by Melissa Papantones as Probate Court Judge.


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