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About Probate Court

The Duties of The Probate Court

As most people know, Probate Court is the government body that deals with the property and debts of a person after they die.  Generally, the role of the Probate Judge is to make sure that the decedent’s creditors are paid, and that any remaining assets are legally distributed to the appropriate beneficiaries.

The Probate Court Protects the Rights of Your Loved Ones When They Cannot Protect Themselves

But Connecticut’s Probate Court also deals with a wide variety of cases that involve children, seniors, people with serious mental illness and adults with intellectual disabilities. This additional responsibility of the Probate Court is to provide a friendly environment in which families can resolve their cases in a fair, timely and cost-effective manner, particularly in light of the sensitive nature of the issues dealt with.

Guardianship of minor children may be assigned by the Probate Court when their parents are unable to care for them.  Adults with intellectual disabilities may also be assigned guardians by the court if it is determined they are unable to make informed decisions about care for themselves.  An elderly person no longer able to care for themselves may be assigned a conservator to manage their affairs and medical care.

Because judicial decisions on these matters can have serious life-altering consequences, it is very important that the Probate Judge handle the case fairly, responsibly, and compassionately within the confines of the law.

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